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Online Employee and Line Manager Self Service 

Reduce admin, empower employees, increase motivation…

SnowdropKCS Self-Service helps you do all of this and more. It gives your people access to core personnel data, such as holiday entitlement, leave requests and even online payslips, so you aren’t caught up in unnecessary and time consuming admin - while facilitating better appraisal and assessment management and proactive involvement in training plans.

Integrated Employee Self Service Software

Our self service software works with all HR modules, allowing you to choose which information you open up to your organisation.

Flexible Employee Self Service Software

Permission levels protect your data. For example, Line Managers can access and update absence information for their department, whereas an employee sees how much holiday they’ve taken and how much is left to take.

Improving Employees Absence Rates

The self-service solution provides sickness data so you can monitor absence - known to drain billions from the economy each year.

The Self-Service Mobile App

Available for BlackBerry and iPhone, the Self-Service mobile app allows your employees and managers to access Self-Service remotely via their mobile phones improving productivity, communication and employee engagement.

The self-service module allows you to:

  • Publish company-wide information, such as policies and procedures
  • Keep people up-to-date with live and changing information, for example job vacancies and training courses
  • Produce online forms to help employees manage their own information
  • Comply with legal guidelines on employees’ personal data
  • Enable employees to make online requests, including holiday and training requests

To find out more, book a demonstration of our Online Employee and Line Manager Self Service software today.

  • Employer Branding Service
  • Hosted Delivery

Employer Branding Service

Stamping the Self-Service system with your own corporate identity is a proven means of increasing take-up of the system at go live and beyond.

Make the system your own

Our branding service aims to make employees feel at home with the software. We consult with you on how you want the system to look, incorporating all your corporate brand values, such as corporate fonts, logos and imagery. That means the system looks friendly and familiar for your people, right from the start.

Reducing pressure on internal resources

Hosted software or ‘ASP’ (Application Service Provision) works just like the self-service module, but it can be for everyone, not just employees.

It’s great for any organisation where IT resources are limited, or you simply want to remove the pressure on internal teams. As with the self-service software, you access the software remotely, but there are different limits on what you can see. You might want to see it all, with others in your team only viewing specific data - it’s up to you. Secure permissions levels allow you to control this.

Because we take care of all the software maintenance it’s less expensive for your business and more importantly, it’s less for you to worry about.

With hosted delivery you can expect the following:

  • Operational freedom - focus your critical resources on the things that are important to your business
  • Reduced risk - no need to invest in IT experts or expensive hardware
  • Improved performance – you get the benefit of up-to-date best practice in availability, security, back-up, disaster recovery and helpdesk support
  • Financial flexibility - all for a straightforward monthly fee. No surprises and no need for an upfront capital investment

The hosted model works with all our HR and Payroll software modules, making it suitable for any requirement.

The self-service module works well with all our HR software modules.