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Industry News Articles from April 2014

1 in 5 women without pension savings

24 April 2014

A new survey has shown how 19 per cent of women will rely solely on the state pension scheme.

Could National Insurance rise under Labour?

22 April 2014

It has been reported that the Labour party could be planning to raise NI contributions by one per cent, if they get into power in 2015.

Wage rises now matching inflation

17 April 2014

After years of falling wages, they are now at a level that matches inflation.

Only 2 in 5 employers aware of AE requirements

15 April 2014

While many employers are getting to grips with what auto-enrolment requires of them, some are failing to, according to new research.

Govt's auto-enrolment opt-out rate plummets

11 April 2014

Fewer people are thought to have opted out of auto-enrolment, according to new government figures.

209 AE breaches so far - but no financial penalties

07 April 2014

While there have been more than 200 auto-enrolment breaches so far, none of these employers have been financially penalised yet.

HMRC reveals craziest excuses for not paying minimum wage

04 April 2014

TPR launches seven case investigations over record-keeping

01 April 2014

TPR has confirmed its probe into scheme record-keeping, highlighting how some struggled to keep on top of the practice.