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Industry News Articles from July 2014

TPR investigates 785 AE non-compliance cases

24 July 2014

Over the past 12 months, 785 cases of auto-enrolment non-compliance have been referred for investigation by The Pensions Regulator as the national rollout takes place.

8.5m could be new pension savers by 2030, thanks to AE

18 July 2014

Providing the opt-out rate remains around nine to ten per cent, 8.5 million people could be saving into a pension by 2030, thanks to auto-enrolment.

NHS executives face HMRC tax inquiry

17 July 2014

As many as 86 NHS executives are to be the subject of an inquiry by HM Revenue & Customs over how much tax and national insurance they have paid.

Firms 'could be put out of business' by tribunals on holiday pay

10 July 2014

The CBI has expressed concern holiday pay tribunal cases could lead to businesses paying out millions of pounds, representing a threat to their existence.

Could the Tories merge tax and NI?

07 July 2014

George Osborne is contemplating whether or not to merge tax and National Insurance contributions, according to newspaper reports.

1 in 3 workers admit they've 'pulled a sickie'

03 July 2014

As a large number of staff admit they have pulled a sickie, PricewaterhouseCoopers has suggested flexible working could be one way to boost employee engagement and reduce this number.