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Industry News Articles from September 2014

Wages rise by 0.6% year-on-year

18 September 2014

New figures from the Office for National Statistics show wages have risen in the last year, although they still remain comfortably below the rate of inflation.

44% of mothers 'might share parental leave'

16 September 2014

Almost half of mothers are considering sharing their maternity leave with their partner once the legislation comes into effect next year.

70m working days 'lost to mental health issues in 2013'

11 September 2014

A new report suggests more than 70 million working days were lost to conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression last year.

Gen Y 'think flexible working shows lack of commitment'

10 September 2014

90% 'believe flexible working improves morale'

09 September 2014

The lion's share of business owners and senior managers believe flexible working can improve morale, according to Regus.

Under-employment 'has risen by 93,000 in 2 years'

04 September 2014

Despite talk of an economic recovery, the TUC has revealed 3.4 million people in the UK are under-employed still.

Gen Z 'less motivated by money than Gen Y'

02 September 2014

A new study shows the differences between what generation Y and Z want from their jobs, and what motivates them.